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riotact in delicatehatred

First SPN fic! :D

Title: A New Arrival
Author: riotact
Pairing: Mary/John(?)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,066
Summary: Dean doesn't want to be a big brother.
Disclaimer: Not mine, I only wish they were. I play with them, but that's about it. I don't make any money off of this stuff.
Notes: This is my first ever shot at a Winchester fic. It's for the flashback_fic23 challenge at sn_flashback. Table With Prompts. It wasn't beta'd so excuse any stupidness. (Prompt: Beginnings.)

Dean was not happy. You could always tell when he was angry, he would play violently with his toys. Smashing them around and even kicking them occasionally. He didn’t want a younger sibling, he didn’t want to share his parents. They were his. He didn’t like the idea of another baby in the house, he was the baby and that’s how it was suppose to stay.

John and Mary had noticed Deans change in demeanour right away. He didn’t take the news of getting a younger sibling very well.

“Dean?” Mary had said softly, as Dean crossed his arms over his little heaving chest.

“I don’t want to be a big brother!” Dean said crossly, stomping his foot for emphasis. When John had tried to pick him up and console him Dean squirmed out of his grasp and ran away. Picking up his favourite toy car and sitting in the corner of his bedroom, smashing it against another car.

After a few weeks Dean had forgotten about the baby and went back to his normal self, but every time his parents mentioned the new baby, Dean would throw down whatever he was holding and run to his favourite car and smash it into his second favourite car.

“Dean,” his mother said softly, pausing slightly “Stop smashing your cars, please.” she said a bit more sternly this time.

Dean threw his cars down and crossed his arms over his chest again. His back towards her he glared at the wall, if she had seen his face she would have seen him pouting.

“Dean, what’s wrong, baby?”

“I don’t want to be a big brother.” Dean said evenly and quietly.

“Why not?” Mary asked, sitting down beside him, turning him around and wrapping an arm around Dean’s small shoulders.

Dean didn’t answer, he just glared at his teddy bear. Arms still crossed defensively. Mary gave him a little push, “Come on, tell mommy.”

Dean loosened up, uncrossing his tiny arms and leaning into his mommy. “Because you and daddy…” he said quietly, trailing off here he mumbled tiny, incoherent words.

“What was that?”

“You and daddy…” he began again, just as quietly tears rolling down his soft little face. Seeming reluctant to say what he wanted to say, Mary picked him and placed him her lap. She hugged him tightly, loose blonde tendrils of hair brushing against Dean’s tear soaked face.

“Now come on, baby. You can tell mommy anything, alright?” she said, brushing the tears from his eyes “Alright?” Dean nodded against her chest and began again, slowly as if choosing his words carefully.

“Because … you and daddy might not … love … me no more.” he sniffled loudly and began outright sobbing. Grabbing at his mothers t-shirt and holding on for dear life.

Mary held back tears, “Oh, Dean.” was all she could manage before her voice cracked. John, who had been watching from the door way came and sat down beside them. He pulled Dean from his mother and looked directly into his sad, crying little face.

“Dean. Listen to me, dude. That’s not true,” he said, giving the crying boy a reassuring smile. “Your mommy and I love you very much, alright? And there is no way we could ever stop loving you.”

“Never ever?” Dean said quietly.

“Never ever.”


After Dean had learned that nothing could ever make his parents stop loving him, even getting a new baby, he became much more co-operative.

Curiously, Dean had set his second favourite car aside in a small soap box he had found in the bathroom. Placing the car in the box he asked his father for a strip of tape and taped the box shut, leaving it in his bedside table.

“What’s that for, Dean?” his mother asked.

“Not yet, mommy!” Dean said grinning and running away sounding like a fire truck.

As his mothers belly grew bigger and bigger, Dean got more curious. He wondered why the baby made his mommy so big, what type of baby could make his mommy so sick and mean.

Resting his small, blonde head against his mothers swollen stomach, Dean listened intently, maybe he could hear something that would give him a clue. Jumping back, Dean had a horrified look on his face.

“What did I do?” he asked in a panicked voice.

Mary laughed, “Nothing, Dean. The babies just kicking. Even he has to move around.”

Relief washed over Dean’s tiny features, his shoulders sagged and he placed his hand on his mothers stomach again. He felt the soft kick of the baby, Dean wanted nothing more than to see the baby. He wanted to play with it and teach it cool tricks his daddy taught him.

“I can’t wait!” Dean squealed excitedly, clenching his fists and bouncing slightly.


When it was finally time, John wasn’t quite sure who was more excited. Him or Dean. Dean was running around, not being able to stay still. He didn’t make coherent sentences, “I can’t… Excited! Yay!” his little fists shaking in anticipation.

He sat in the waiting room of the hospital, a nurse beside him cooing and feeding him lollipops. (Dean had this effect on many woman, were ever he went there was always at least one woman who had to stop and comment on his good looks or give him candy.) His legs swinging from the chair wildly, Dean waited as patiently as he could. When his daddy finally appeared Dean jumped up and as quickly as his little legs could carry him he ran to his father.

“Is it here?!” he asked excitedly “Is it a boy or a girl?” he said, not waiting for an answer. John just smiled, picking up his son and carrying him into see his mother and younger brother.

“Hey, Dean. Come meet your little brother, Sam.” Mary said, with the smallest hint of pride.

Dean leaned down from where his father held him above Sam, Dean took in every bit of his little brother, his fresh smell, mussed brown hair and chubby hands. Inches from his younger brothers face, Dean cracked a wide grin.

“I think I will love you forever, Sammy.” Dean knew from that moment that Sam was his responsibility, and that he would take care of him as best he could. Because after all, he was trusting his little brother with his second favourite car.


Comments are nice. :)


aww that was so sweet. i love the ending. you should continue this. a fic about bringing sam home for the first time or something. i love wee!chester stories :D
Hm, I might just do that. A little more happy before IT happens. I hate making their lives all happy, because you know what's coming. So sad.
I love the ending :-)
Heehee, thanks. That's my favourite part too. :p

(Icon love!)
how i love wee!chester fics... they make me feel all nice and squishy on the inside.
Haha, I love wee!chester fics. Just thinking of a chubby little Sammy waddling around gets me all mushy inside.
That was so sweet! I love how we see the beginning of Dean's need to take care of Sammy. ♥
Heh, thanks! :) Yeah, I think it's great. I love seeing/reading about Dean's love, it makes me giggle. I'm all "You're not THAT tough, Dean." XD
LOL, Dean's a marshmallow! :p
dying....from cuteness... :D
I've just read 3 of your stories and am now melting into a puddle of warm&fuzzies.

mini!sam&dean are too cute.